This award recognises an animal that has made a significant positive impact on the life of their owner, or a member/s of the community. This award celebrates the incredible bond and loyalty that can develop between humans and animals.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Gold Medal - AlyAly (Gold)

Aly, the rescue Koolie, became a rescuer herself earlier this year when she woke her sleeping owner, Wes, as fire started to engulf their home in the small town of Ballidu in WA’s Wheatbelt. Aly jumped onto Wes and put her paws on his shoulders to wake him—something she’d never done before. Wes said he was “that tired” he doubts he would have woken if it had not been for Aly.

Wes and Aly lost their house, but Wes says his lovely pooch is his hero for saving his life.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Gold Medal - RadarRadar (Gold)

Seizure-alert assistance dog Radar has given a local family incredible peace of mind and daily physical, emotional and mental health support. He is the long-term companion of 10-year-old Ben Williams who has had epilepsy since he was a toddler. Radar detects the onset of Ben’s seizures by barking for medical assistance. Radar also spreads awareness and understanding of epilepsy everywhere he goes. Radar has also been a pioneer of the Smart Schools Program, going into government schools with Epilepsy WA to conduct epilepsy training for teachers. Radar is also the star attraction at Epilepsy WA events, and it is hoped he will soon be the first full-time assistance dog in a WA public school.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Gold Medal - BronsonBronson (Gold)

Bronson is a very special dog, who has overcome his own issues with anxiety and reactivity to become a source of constant support and comfort for his owner. Lauren has epilepsy, and during a relapse last year, Bronson revealed a natural intuition for helping and protecting her. The pair’s bond has only grown since then, bringing a great deal of comfort to Lauren’s friends and family.

Lauren says Bronson’s need for training and schedules gets her out of bed every day. She says he gives her a sense of achievement and fulfilment: “I don’t know what I would do without him”.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Gold Medal - KepKep (Silver)

Kep is Australia’s first leak detection dog and Water Corporation’s most-loved employee. A water-saving sensation, Kep has discovered over 90 hidden leaks in regional Western Australia since starting with Water Corporation in late 2018.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, this exceptional dog has surveyed 903km of water mains and helped Water Corporation save an estimated 880 million litres of water—an amazing feat for a dog who has just celebrated her fourth birthday.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 -  Silver Medal - Ranger AnnieRanger Annie (Silver)

Before she started working with the City of Cockburn Ranger Department, Annie was the most impounded dog they ever had! After being surrendered by her owner in 2019, the staff knew they had to make Annie part of the team, and she’s been brightening their days ever since.

Whether she’s lifting spirits and morale in the rangers’ office, or teaching the public about dog safety and etiquette at the local primary school, senior centre or youth centre, Ranger Annie is loved by all and is living her best life making people happy.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Silver Medal - GeorgeGeorge Bode (Silver)

George became a certified therapy dog when he was two years old. He spent five years visiting dementia patients, providing a great deal of comfort, the opportunity for lots of pats, and an enjoyable chance to reminisce. These days, George provides staff and students at Curtin and Murdoch universities with some much-needed relief during stressful times. He has many stories of easing panic during exam time with his beautiful nature.

With eight years under his belt, George’s impact in the community is very worthy of recognition.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Silver Medal - BazzaBazza (Silver)

Bazza is a four-year old Labrador who has worked as a therapy dog at Kites Children’s Therapy since 2018. Bazza works with occupational therapists to provide a motivating environment for kids with intellectual and physical disabilities to achieve their therapy goals. Bazza recently worked with a non-verbal autistic teenager with an extreme phobia of dogs. Initially, the boy could only look at Bazza through a window, but after several weeks of slow and patient work, he could sit and pat Bazza with a huge smile on his face.

Bazza’s gentle nature makes him a paw-fect fit for this important role.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Silver Medal - BillieBillie (Silver)

Billie works in a funeral home with his wonderful human, Bronwyn Medhurst. He greets mourners, families and children, and has an immediate calming effect on everyone he meets.

Billie is said to have a unique intuition for those who need him most—which on some days can be the staff themselves.

There is no doubt beautiful Billie has made life easier for countless families during his eight years as a beloved funeral dog.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - BanditBandit (Bronze)

Bandit the super dog’s bright nature and companionship has been truly lifechanging for his owner. Bandit came into Tony’s life at a difficult time in 2018, and immediately started surprising him with an ability to easily master tricks and complex commands. The pair are now inseparable. Bandit has also become an important part of his community.

Whether he’s lobbying for better facilities at the dog park or performing tricks for the residents of the local nursing home, Bandit brings joy and happiness to those around him.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - CharlieCharlie (Bronze)

Charlie has been an Education Support Dog for more than six years. He currently attends Mandurah Primary School three mornings a week, visiting students who are grieving, struggling, finding it hard to fit in, or who just need a hug.

Fully accredited with Assistance Dogs Australia, Charlie has seen some incredible results over the years. Recently, Charlie worked with a year one student who was too anxious to speak at school. Charlie helped immensely with the student’s confidence by offering a safe space without judgement and the boy now enjoys reading to Charlie and helping him work on his “tricks”.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - CocoCoco (Bronze)

Rescued Coco was a therapy dog at two other schools before arriving at Yanchep Rise Primary School, where she quickly became an adored addition among the 170 students and staff.

Coco provides her friends with a listening ear (especially for stories) and keeps them motivated to do their best with her calm and friendly presence.

A nomination from one of Coco’s classrooms says: “To us, it feels like there is nothing some time spent with Coco can’t solve”.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - KLKL (Bronze)

Over the past nine years, KL has been a favourite HorsePower horse, as her quiet, sensible, kind and willing nature makes her the perfect mount to look after HorsePower Margaret River participants of all ages.

HorsePower is a community-based charitable organisation helping individuals with diversabilities, and KL has supported her community by helping participants to develop new skills and discover new abilities that lead to an enriched quality of life while overcoming physical, mental, and emotional obstacles.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - Bailey, Tiah and SilviBailey, Tiah and Silvi (Bronze)

Bailey, Tiah and Silvi are all therapy horses with HorsePower Brigadoon, who assist their clients during Hippotherapy, which helps to strengthen their client’s core muscles.

During these sessions, the horses form bonds with their clients, helping them to regain their confidence and learn new skills. They are loved and respected by their clients, particularly by children who they manage to draw out of their shells. The trio has served for around 18 years combined and have had a significant impact on the program and their community.


RSPCA WA Animal Award 2021 - Bronze Medal - Tofu the GoatTofu (Bronze)

Poor Tofu was dropped over a Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary fence last year with a terrible injury which resulted in lameness to her back legs. After intense rehab, she was given a special set of wheels, and was soon zipping around, and bringing a smile to all who met her. Tofu inspired everyone around her, and online, with her positive attitude and spirit. Then one day, she didn’t need her special wheels anymore.

As Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary’s Ambassador, Tofu’s success is reminder to everyone to never ever give up, and that with strength and love, you can achieve anything.


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