RSPCA Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

RSPCA WA Cat Boarding logoAs leaders in animal welfare, RSPCA WA provides the best care and enrichment for your cat. We offer cat boarding care packages in Perth, with various optional extras to ensure your cat is safe, secure and happy during their stay with us.

Your cat will be cared for in our cat hotel condos by our trained staff and experienced volunteers who can provide extensive human interaction throughout their stay.

Each cat condo consists of a living space, a cosy separate sleeping area, and a separate cat litter space. They are professionally designed to give your cat just the right amount of space to make them feel safe and comfortable, with plenty of room to play and stretch.

The Cat Boarding facility, located inside the RSPCA Cattery, is fully airconditioned in summer and heated in winter to keep your cat comfortable. Each cat condo has it's own independent ventilation system which prevents the spread of airborne bacteria and disease.

Best of all, when your cat stays with RSPCA Cat Boarding in Perth, they're helping to fight animal cruelty and care for animals in need!


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