For a person or group that works tirelessly to save animals and improve their welfare.

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Carnabys Crusaders RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Gold) 2022Carnaby’s Crusaders (Gold)

This incredible group was established in 2021, but the work of members to help wildlife started long before this. Carnaby’s Crusaders aims to support the recovery, breeding and preservation of WA’s native black cockatoos. Their Artificial Cockatoo Tubes put power into the hands of private landholders, creating instant breeding sites. There are currently more than 280 installed across the State. Founder Dean Arthurell has been rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife for 8+ years and installing tubes for the past five years. He does this at low cost in peri urban, rural and regional WA, often travelling many kilometres to do so. The group also visits schools, groups and corporates keen to educate on the black cockatoo conservation cause. This beautiful and endangered species needs all the help it can get.


Moore River Ranch - RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Gold) 2022Moore River Ranch & Wildlife Sanctuary WA (Gold)

In just a two short years, Hayden and Lincoln transformed an old fruit and veg farm into a 51-hectare wildlife sanctuary and domestic livestock rescue farm. They built everything from the ground up, including enclosures, irrigated paddocks, a medical treatment room, and even a horse desensitisation course. They rescue all types of animals, including goats, peacocks, ducks, echidnas, kangaroos, horses and reptiles. Hayden gave up full-time work so he could study to become a vet. Meanwhile Lincoln devotes seven full days a week caring for the animals and working on the property. The pair have plans to build a 24-hour vet hospital on site in the near future.


FAWNA Inc RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Silver) 2022FAWNA Inc. (Silver)

FAWNA is based in Busselton and has been saving wildlife since 1984. The summer fires of 2021-22 proved incredibly testing, even for such an experienced group. In this period, the South West team assisted with the Boranup Forest, Meelup Park and Bunbury Kudardup Reserve fires, working closely with authorities to provide search and rescue and medical attention to wildlife. Over 56 animals were treated by FAWNA within a three-week period, with 36 surviving and requiring vet support for six weeks before being released. The mental toll on volunteers was crippling, but support from the community and a love for animals kept them going.


Sheila Greenwell RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Silver) 2022Sheila Greenwell (Silver)

Sheila is the definition of a quiet achiever. A retired vet, she now lives on a property in the South West where she rescues all manner of furry and feathered friends. One of her passions is helping rehabilitate and rehome brumbies, and she has endless patience for those in her care. Sheila also helps rescue, foster and rehome dogs and cats and is an integral link between animal welfare groups and the community. She supports farmers by taking on sick and injured livestock and helps injured wildlife on our roads. Sheila’s no-nonsense attitude and extensive knowledge has made her extremely well-respected within the community.


Kimberley Wildlife Rehabilitation  RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Silver) 2022Kimberley Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc. (Silver)

Jan Martin is a force for wildlife in WA’s Kimberley. She was among the region’s first registered carers and has helped countless animals, including bats, bilbies, tree rats and echidnas, over a period of more than 30 years. In 2007, Jan founded Kimberley Wildlife Rehabilitation–a group with a strong focus on education and highlighting the challenges facing our native species in the region. Since 2019, KWR has been fundraising to set up Broome’s first wildlife care centre and hospital in a donga on their block, recently hitting their $30,000 target. Jan is also on call 24/7 for wildlife rescue. Her decades of service to animals is truly incredible.


Free The Hounds RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Bronze) 2022Free the Hounds (Bronze)

This small volunteer-run advocacy group has made a big splash when it comes to improving the lives of greyhounds in WA. The team played a key role in successful lobbying to end the compulsory muzzling of WA greyhounds. Then in May 2021, Free the Hounds presented 11,500 signatures to State Parliament calling for an end to greyhound racing. When this was unsuccessful, they refused to give up, mounting an e-Petition that garnered over 18,600 signatures. Since starting in 2015, Free the Hounds has been a strong voice for greyhounds, calling out injuries and deaths to provide much-needed transparency in the industry.


Friends of the Animals Perth RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Bronze) 2022Friends of the Animals Perth (Bronze)

In 2014, a handful of like-minded animal lovers put their heads and hearts together and started Friends of the Animals Perth. It was a Facebook group with a focus on sharing positive stories and celebrating the good in people, but soon turned into something bigger. Through various fundraising ventures, including raffles, garage sales, online auctions and GoFundMe campaigns, the group has raised a staggering $130,000 for animal charities to date. Lizzy–the brains behind the operation–deserves a special mention for the hours she pours into this work, even amidst great personal challenges.


Perth Rescue Angels RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Bronze) 2022Perth Rescue Angels (Bronze)

Perth Rescue Angels have changed thousands of lives through foster care and adoption since starting in 2012. With the help of over 250 foster carers, the team specialises in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming undomesticated cats. In the past two years alone, Perth Rescue Angels has taken in over 4500 meows! They lead with compassion and seek to tackle the root cause of poor animal welfare, rather than just deal with the fallout. They assist low-income earners with unexpected vet bills, encourage responsible cat ownership, advocate for changes to the law, and work to trap and rehabilitate from cat colonies across Perth to help protect native animals.


POOPs RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Bronze) 2022POOPs Pet Welfare Program (Bronze)

POOPs helps elderly and disabled pet owners in Perth and Busselton care for their animals, by offering volunteer support with walks and more. Through these visits, POOPs discovered many owners were struggling to afford basic vet care. Seeing pets in need was putting undue stress on volunteers, who felt powerless to help, and it was creating shame for owners. The Pet Welfare Program is helping to change this. The pilot launched in May 2021, offering POOPs pets up to $200 in preventative and routine vet care. It’s been embraced by clients, with over 50 pets and owners assisted so far.


Rid Rooster RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Community Award winner (Bronze) 2022Western Australian Poultry Rescue Assoc. (Rid Rooster) (Bronze)

Four years ago, when Rachel Pearce was looking for a pair of roosters to adopt online, she never would have guessed what was to come. After seeing the sheer volume of unwanted birds across Perth, Rachel offered up her property for rehab and rehoming. A seemingly endless stream of sick and injured hens and roosters followed. She soon became a beacon of knowledge on poultry health and welfare, helping community members organise vet checks and predator proofing for their birds. Despite many challenges, Rachel continues to pour her own time, money, and passion into helping these often-overlooked creatures every day.


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