Corporate Matched Giving, also known as "dollar matching", is an incredible way to support animals in need. When an orgnisation matches your donation, it doubles your impact for animals in need.

How do I set up Matched Giving?

Ask your payroll department or community engagement manager if your employer has a matched giving or dollar matching program in place.

Ask them if RSPCA WA is one of their matched giving partners. If not, ask if they can add RSPCA WA to the program.

Dollar matching opportunities are available year round. They can be:

  • On a regular, ongoing basis to match employees' workplace giving donations
  • For a fundraising event, like Give to Get Them Home
  • For a challenge event, like a corporate team participating in Million Paws Walk

Does your employer need more information on the tax benefits of dollar matching? Send us an email and ask for more information, or arrange a time for someone from our supporter relations team to come and discuss the options.

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