Stop Animal Cruelty

Right now, thousands of animals all over WA are suffering.

Animals are being neglected.

They’re being starved.

And their medical needs are being ignored.

And it could be happening in your neighbourhood.

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Lucy was left to starve

Save one more animal like Lucy.

She was starved to within an inch of her life.

The Inspector got there just in time.


Benny was left with a bleeding, untreated growth

Save one more animal like Benny.

His owners admitted they’d left a painful, weeping

growth on his genitals, bleeding and untreated for months.



Save one more animal like Shakira.

Neglected for so long, a wound opened up on her back,

exposing her spinal cord to the elements.

These animals suffered in silence. And their owners did nothing!

It would have been so easy to prevent their suffering.

Pet food is so readily available—just a cup of food a day would have saved Lucy from hunger.

If Benny's owners had just called a vet when they first noticed his growth, he would still be alive.

Shakira suffered and died needlessly because her owner refused to get help.


This is why animals like Lucy and Benny and Shakira need you.

They need someone to turn to for help when they have nowhere else to go.

They need someone to be their voice and fight against cruelty.

And they need someone to help them heal.


You can SAVE ONE MORE animal from cruelty.


Please donate today to rescue one more animal from cruelty, pain and neglect.

Give them the love and care they desperately need.

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In 2020-21, RSPCA WA Inspectors investigated 6637 reports of animal cruelty.

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  Donate $37 to help provide equipment for inspectors  Donate $63 to help provide life-saving vet treatment  Donate $95 to help provide safe shelter for animals in need.


Together, we can help each animal find a permanent loving home.

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