For a display of true bravery in rescuing an animal.

Jack Monaghan RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Gold) 2022 

Jack Monaghan (Gold)

Jack showed incredible bravery last year when he single-handedly saved the life of a girl and her pet dog from a housefire in Perth’s north-east. The then 16-year-old was walking in Brabham when he heard 12-year-old Dakota screaming from inside the house, which was ablaze and billowing smoke. He ran straight inside and helped Dakota and her dog out to safety. Jack then attempted to re-enter the house to save a second dog, but the smoke was too thick. He fought the blaze with a garden hose for 15 minutes until firefighters arrived. Jack said he’d like to think anyone else in his position would do the same thing.


Louie Owen RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Silver) 2022Claudia Karwacki and Louie Owen of WA Seabird Rescue (Silver)

In March 2022, WASR volunteer Louie drove to Guilderton looking for a pelican that had reportedly been hooked with a fishing line. She spent four hours trying to rescue the bird with no luck. The next day she was back, this time with another volunteer, Claudia, who had driven over 90 minutes to lend a hand. With a LOT of patience over several hours, and some extra fish supplies courtesy of a camper, the capture was a success. The next task was lugging the 6kg bird back down the beach! Once rehabilitated, Louie and Claudia drove the bird all the way back to Guilderton for release.


Jolina Latusek RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Silver) 2022Jolina Latusek (Silver)

Jolina was travelling in the Kimberley last year when she saw a Facebook post about a missing dog named Jack in the area. She reached out to Jack’s owner, whom she’d never met, to say she would keep an eye out, but did so much more than that. Jolina camped in areas where she thought Jack may have gone, took food to Jack’s owner while he was searching the bush, and posted missing posters along the way. When Jack was found a week later, it was Jolina who drove to collect him and take him to the vet, as his owner was out of phone range. Her incredible kindness helped save this lucky pooch.


Tunnel Vision RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Silver) 2022Tunnel Vision (Silver)

In May 2022, RSPCA WA Inspector Jayde was called to help a kitten heard crying down a drain in Welshpool. Realising she needed expert help, Jayde reached out to seven other plumbing companies, who all insisted on charging up to $6000. Tunnel Vision said there would be no charge, and two workers spent a stagging six hours at the site using their camera equipment to locate the kitten, before opening the heavy concrete drain, allowing Jayde to conduct the rescue. The kitten was named Jaye, after the Tunnel Vision receptionist who agreed to help without hesitation. The team’s kindness and perseverance was lifesaving.


City of Cockburn Rangers RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Bronze) 2022City of Cockburn Rangers Samantha Holder and Isabelle Lee (Bronze)

This ranger duo played a key role in the rescue of blind and deaf dog, Miss Piggy, who fell two metres down a septic tank in February. It was all hands on deck, with DFES and Murdoch firies working to stabilise the hole, while the ranger team made a plan with the dog’s welfare front on mind. Rangers Sam and Isabelle were at the rescue for several hours, going beyond their duties to secure a good outcome. Using a dog catch pole and an extender pole fashion with a hook, Miss Piggy was eventually lifted to safety. After a vet check and a good bath, the little adventurer made a full recovery.


Constable Alex Mearns RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Humane Award winner (Bronze) 2022WA Police Senior Constable Alex Mearns (Bronze)

In August 2022, Sen-Constable Meares and his partner from WA Police Force responded to a call about 10 ducklings trying to cross the freeway in Heathridge. The officers attended and managed to capture all but one duckling, who was washed down a drain. Without hesitation, Sen-Constable Meares climbed down into the drain system, working in the small and slippery space to locate and save the distressed duckling. Without his perseverance, the little guy almost certainly wouldn’t have survived. The officers then took the ducklings to Native Animal Rescue in Malaga, where they made a full recovery.


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