Name: Polly
Type: Dog
Breed: Labradoodle
Sex: Female
Size: Large
Age: 1-4 years

About me: I am a sweet, but very timid girl who has lived a sheltered life and slowly learning how to trust, so it is time for me to find a long-term foster home. I will need experienced and understanding foster carers and will need a bit of time to settle in and get used to things that may seem normal to you. Preferably, my foster home will be on the mature side, with no children in the home. I think it would be nice to live with another mature, well-adjusted dog who will help me to build confidence in myself and understand how to be a dog! I will also need carers who are not first time dog owners. My carers must be willing to listen to and adhere to the advice of the RSPCA WA staff and be able to continue working on supporting me through life with ongoing behavioural management and training.

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