This  award recognises a person or people under the age of 18 for an outstanding contribution to improving the lives of animals, significantly heightening awareness of animal welfare issues, or making a substantial positive contribution to the lives of animals through a project directly impacting on animals’ wellbeing.

RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Awards 2021 - Gold Medal - Jessica HarryJessica Harry (Gold)

14-year-old Jess has a passion for helping creatures great and small. This was nurtured by growing up on Emerald Acres, a rescue group started by her family on their Lower Chittering property. Jess spends almost all her free time with the animals, she gets up at 5 o'clock every morning to help with feeding, cleaning and medications. Jess helps rescue kangaroos, lizards, calves, lambs and many birds, and then releases them into the wild when recovered or rehomes them.

Jess is also committed to educating her friends, classmates, and the local community about correct animal care for companion and farm animals, and wildlife. There is no doubt she has found her calling caring for animals.


RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award 2021 - Silver Medal - Eva TilburyEva Tilbury (Silver)

Over the past few years, Eva has become a fundraising powerhouse for animals in need. She regularly takes part in RSPCA WA events, and loves coming up with new ideas to raise money—she recently held a gold coin dress-up day at her holiday care centre, bakes dog treats regularly for her customers, and started a FIDGET business selling homemade slime and poppits.

Eva’s devotion to animals is also reflected in her relationship with her adopted dog, Indi, whom she adores and is training to overcome some behaviour issues.


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