For a young person devoted to improving the lives of animals.

Ella Rayner-Wilson RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award winner (Gold) 2022 

Ella Rayner-Wilson (Gold)

A simple task set by her teacher led Ella to discover a passion for helping animals. Through a bake sale, where she even sewed her own napkins to sell, and a 5km fun run, 11-year-old Ella managed to raise over $2000 for animals in need! But she didn’t stop there. Ella visited RSPCA WA for a tour, created and gave a presentation to help educate her class, and reached out to key animal welfare advocates to learn more and push for change in her school community. Ella overcame her shy nature and put herself out there purely for the love of animals.


Carmel Adventist College Year 6 Students RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award winner (Silver) 2022Carmel Adventist College Primary Year 6 Students (Bronze)

The thought of animals being hurt or abandoned sparked a wonderful fundraising effort by this classroom of 11 and 12-year-olds. At Carmel Adventist College Primary, Market Day is a key event on the school calendar. It’s a day when the Year 5 students put together a huge fundraising event, setting up all sorts of creative stalls to raise funds for a cause… or ‘paws’ as it was last year! In 2021, the students picked RSPCA WA as their charity of choice to receive an impressive $1000 in hard-earned funds. Thanks to this wonderful class for showing compassion for animals.


Harrison Lawrence RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award winner (Silver) 2022Harrison Lawrence (Silver)

Harrison was counting the days until he turned 16 and could start volunteering with animals. He began at a Pinjarra conservation park–making the three-hour round trip every weekend without fail. He cleaned enclosures, tended to the animals, and helped with food prep. Now 17, Harrison is volunteering at Darling Range Wildlife Shelter. He’s an all-rounder who also helps with bottle feeding joeys and treating mange in the quenda. Given his enthusiasm, Harrison’s school made a special exception, allowing him to take on his Cert III in animal studies. He’s also eager to study wildlife at-home care in the future.


Elizabeth Jarrett RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award winner (Bronze) 2022Elizabeth Jarrett (Bronze)

Six-year-old Elizabeth and Frank the School Dog are a dream team. They love raising money for animals in need and helping educate their class and the community about animal welfare. Elizabeth has raised over $800 for RSPCA WA in the past year–by hitting the pavement for Million Paws Walk and setting up a stall and raffle at her school fair. Elizabeth also helped establish Containers for Change at her school, where the initiative continues to raise much-needed funds for animals. Her parents say RSPCA WA and helping fur friends is always at the front of Elizabeth’s mind.


George McGrath RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award winner (Bronze) 2022George McGrath (Bronze)

Seven-year-old George was nominated by his grandmother for his brave efforts to save his pet chicken, Sunset, from the overly-playful family dog. When Sunset somehow found her way into the dog’s area, George didn’t think twice. He leapt into action, clutching Sunset to his chest to keep her safe. He ‘held on for dear life’ despite the dog’s strength and persistence. When the dog was under control, George comforted poor Sunset and got her safely back into her enclosure. George has a special rapport with the chickens and loves to feed them and talk to them daily.


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