Saving the World One Stray at a Time

Hooch, a stray dog, was scheduled to be euthanised on the day that Dean Morris visited the shelter. That fateful day changed Hooch's life, and set Dean on a path to save as many animals as possible.

Dean, an RSPCA Junior Ambassador and recipient of RSPCA WA Animal Welfare Youth Award in 2018, has done more for animals in need than most people can think about. From the age of 10, he established his own rescue business, GOSAC (Give Our Strays A Chance), to help rescue animals, and to help other rescues and shelters save as many animals as possible.

Saving the World One Stray at a Time is an easy to read 55 pages, and includes Hooch's story, Dean's story and hints and tips for young people to help animals in their communities.

Dean published his story in 2021, and in between his university studies and ongoing rescue work, he visits schools and community groups to share his story, and encourages young people to follow their passion and make a positive impact on the world.

You can collect your purchase at the RSPCA Animal Welfare Centre in Malaga (no charge) or add flat-rate delivery fee of $10 when you order.

Proceeds from the sale of this book will be shared with Dean's organisation and RSPCA WA.