Begin by testing. Many people think they are allergic to their pets, but the cause of the reaction often comes from something else—such as flea treatment. The only way to verify your allergy is through a quick test from your local GP.

If you have a confirmed allergy, love your pet, and just need some good advice on how to live happily ever after, try these tips:

  • Create a pet-free zone in your home, such as your bedroom, and do not allow your pet to access this area. Often, it is not a small exposure to an allergen that triggers a reaction, but increased exposure over time.
  • Wash your pet regularly, ensuring you use pet-safe shampoos. Bathing them and trimming their fur helps prevent the build-up of old and loose hair.
  • Groom your pet regularly. Having your dog’s hair trimmed reduces the amount of hair and shedding around the house, so there will be fewer allergens. Grooming will also help long-haired pets in summer. Investment in a good pair of pet shears means you can do it from home.
  • Keep your home clean and invest in an air purifier. Regularly wash your and your pet’s bedding, carpet and curtains. If your pet rides in the car with you, consider using washable covers.