Thank you for considering pet adoption for your next family member!

RSPCA WA has many animals in care at any time. The majority of animals in RSPCA WA's care come in via the Inspectorate, rescued from cruelty and neglect, so they often require some medical treatment or behavioural rehabilitation before they can be rehomed. If the animals available are not suitable for your home, or this appointment doesn’t work out, please be sure to check back regularly.

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Have you considered Foster-to-Adopt?

Some animals in our care require ongoing assessment or treatment, and their rehabilitation would be greatly improved in a home environment. You can foster one of these animals, and then proceed to adoption after a period of time. This also gives you a chance to get to know your new pet and make sure you're suitable for each other before making a full commitment.

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Important information when adopting a dog

If you want to adopt a dog and you already have a dog at home, they will need to do a 'meet and greet' to make sure they are going to get along. Before bringing your dog to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre, please note that your dog will need to be fully vaccinated and sterilised. You will be asked to provide vet records to substantiate this.

We only do 'meet and greets' with dogs. If you have a cat, or other pets, you will not be required to bring them for a 'meet and greet'.


Adoption appointment disclaimer

If the animal you have made a booking to come and see is adopted prior to your appointment, we will always try to notify you before your allocated time. If you book on the same day this may be difficult. You can check to see if your animal is still available by visiting the Adoptapet website. If your animal is listed, it means they are still available. If you have a long drive in, please call the Animal Care Centre on (08) 9209 9323 to check your preferred animal's status. If you do not see the animal listed on Adopapet, it means the animal is no longer available.


Make an Adoption Appointment

Once you choose an animal to come and meet, please select an available date and time below. Please complete the questionnaire, which will speed up the adoption process should your adoption meeting be successful.