There are many reasons your pet might be an escape-artist: boredom, loneliness, seeking a mate, territorial roaming, curiosity, or anxiety.

Try some of these:

  • Keep them busy. Keep your dog’s mind active during the day. Leave them with food puzzles and treats to keep their minds busy. In summer, try freezing treats in a block of ice. Or place treats in a series of boxes, one inside the other.
  • Leave some ‘company’ for them. Consider leaving the radio or TV on during the day. You could also check out ‘Through a Dog’s Ear’ on YouTube—soundtracks of relaxing music that could help to calm your pet.
  • Hire a dog walker or dog sitter. If you don’t have time, consider hiring a force-free dog walker or pet service to come and walk your dog during the day.
  • Check your fencing. Ensure your yard is secure. Are your fences and gates in good shape, high enough and strong enough to keep your dog safe? Wire fences should be buried underground to prevent escape after digging.
  • Bring your dog indoors when you're not home.
  • Sterilise your pets. Sterilisation has been shown to prevent or reduce an animal’s desire to seek a mate.
Unfortunately, our Pet Sterilisation Program closed mid 2023. Local councils often run subsidy programs, as well as the National Desexing Network. If you search ‘subsidised sterilisations Perth’ on Google, this will produce lots of options you can apply for. You can also read more information on other sources of help here