RSPCA WA is not able to provide financial assistance to members of the public for vet bills. The organisations listed below offer payment plans, discounted vet services, or other options for pet owners who might be experiencing financial difficulty.

Please note: RSPCA WA is only licensed to perform veterinary services for animals in our care, or those recently adopted from us who require ongoing vet treatment.

If you are in need of financial assistance for veterinary care for your pet, please consider these options:

If you are on Centrelink or a pension, please contact:

  • Centrelink/Centrepay: Ask them if they can assist with your bills.
  • VetPay: Call 1300 657 984 for payment plan assistance
  • Perth Vet Bill Assistance will cover costs if you are approved if you are found to be ineligible for VetPay.

If you are NOT on Centrelink or a pension, please contact:

  • VetPay: Call 1300 657 984 for payment plan assistance
  • PetStock Vets: Payment options by AfterPay/ZipPay. Clinics located in Brighton, Midland, Cannington and Bunbury.

If you require URGENT veterinary assistance, please contact PetStock Vets in the first instance.

If you have exhausted all options and have no means of obtaining the funds required for emergency vet care, please contact the RSPCA Cruelty Hotline on 1300 278 358 to arrange surrender of your pet into RSPCA's care.


If you cannot get to the vet

If you cannot get your pet to the vet, please contact a mobile vet service. Here are some mobile vet services operating in the Perth metropolitan area:

* Please note, RSPCA WA does not accredit or endorse the businesses listed on this page. These business details are provided as information only.