Losing your pet can be worrying time for you and your family. If your pet has gone missing, please try the following:

  1. Call your local government rangers. If you are near the border of two local government areas, contact both. Local government rangers are there officially to assist in matters regarding lost and stray animals.
  2. Call the local vet clinics and hospitals, even if the animal is microchipped. It is rare, but sometimes chips do fail and they may not know who to contact about the pet.
  3. Put a post in the Facebook group Pets of Perth – Lost & Found. It has over 78,000 members and has helped to reunite many lost pets with their owners.
  4. If you live in the Joondalup local government area, contact the RSPCA shelter on 9209 9323. If your animal has been found ill or injured in Joondalup, it may have been brought here. We also have a lost pet registry where you can provide details of your missing pet. (RSPCA WA provides pound services to the City of Joondalup only).

To provide yourself with the best opportunity of being reunited with a lost pet, please ensure the animal is microchipped, registered, and has shire tags and owner contact tags on its collar. We would also recommend ensuring that microchip contact details are kept up to date.

If you need to check the details currently listed for your pet's microchip, your vet should be able to scan your pet for free and provide the information. Call in advance to request this service.