Sterilising (also referred to as spaying, neutering or desexing) is the process of a qualified veterinarian removing an animal's reproductive organs to prevent breeding.

For male cats and dogs, vets make a small incision on or near the scrotum, gently squeeze the testicles, and remove them. This process is commonly called castration or neutering.

For female cats and dogs, vets make a fine incision along the animal's abdomen and remove their uterus and ovaries. This process is commonly referred to as spaying.

While sterilisation is mostly done to cats and dogs, RSPCA recommends sterilising rabbits, too.

The above processes require a general anaesthetic and surgery. However, pet sterilisation is a common procedure, is relatively quick and minimally invasive. Your pet should make a full recovery in a matter of days.

Your veterinarian will provide detailed information relative to your pet, and they will advise post-operative care instructions for when you take your pet home.