As a member society, RSPCA WA upholds the policies of RSPCA Australia

RSPCA policy statements and position papers are intended to clearly set out the view of the RSPCA on key animal welfare issues. They are usually short and concise and include a clear description and a brief rationale of the basis for the policy.

RSPCA policies, position statements and declarations are all
underpinned by the science of animal welfare.

RSPCA policies are all published online and are regularly updated to include the latest scientific information available. Anyone can access RSPCA's policies, position statements and declarations.


RSPCA WA's relationship with RSPCA Australia

RSPCA Australia is the federal body of the eight autonomous and independent state and territory Australian Member Societies.

RSPCA Member Societies (of which RSPCA WA is one) do much of the hands-on work traditionally associated with RSPCA. The work undertaken by Member Societies includes:

  • coordinating Inspectorate operations to uphold the Animal Welfare Act 2002
  • operating an animal shelter to provide treatment and care to animals rescued from cruelty and neglect; 
  • educating the community on ways to better care for their animals; and
  • fundraising to support our operations.

RSPCA Australia provides broad support to Member Societies, particularly by establishing national policies and positions on animal welfare. RSPCA Australia advocates for better animal welfare outcomes at a federal government level and with industries involved with animals.

RSPCA Australia's campaign team ensures strong science informs all of RSPCA’s work across Australia, with key policies and information accessible via a searchable Knowledgebase.

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