Christmas should be about celebration, remembrance and giving thanks for you and your families. But it is not the same for us here at RSPCA WA.

Unfortunately often at Christmas animals are surrendered, abandoned and abused. And whilst we make every effort to do what we can for the animals in our care, our resources are stretched and the creature comforts they so deserve are often beyond our reach.

When you add a mass rescue to the mix, it stretches all our resources beyond capacity. We cannot budget for a puppy farm seizure, we must simply respond to it – and get the animals to safety, no matter what.

Help another animal today!

Early last year, RSPCA WA inspectors received a cruelty report that will stay with me for a long time.

A woman had gone to purchase a labradoodle puppy after responding to an online ad, only to discover the unspeakable conditions in which these dogs were living. Appalled by what she saw, she reported the breeder to RSPCA WA.

Once you have experienced a puppy farm, you will never forget the utter despair on the faces of the dogs and puppies trapped in squalid, stench-filled conditions. It’s a waking nightmare.

This labradoodle puppy farm was horrendous - a waking nightmare.Thirty-nine trapped, hungry, and frightened dogs were fighting amongst themselves. Puppies were cowering in pools of urine as larger dogs trod on them, and some dogs were non-responsive – broken by the conditions in which they lived.

We got them out of there as quickly as possible.

An unplanned influx of animals at the shelter places a strain on resources but when it involves puppy farm dogs, the demands on staff and the increased costs of vet bills and rehabilitation are immense.

Every animal who comes to RSPCA WA is hoping for a second chance to live their best life. Will you give them the ultimate Christmas wish – a safe stay at the shelter until they find their forever home.

Blanka, a timid three-year-old labradoodle, was one of the puppy farm dogs. Due to neglect she suffered from ear infections, gastrointestinal issues, and painful dental disease.

Yet, what was even more heartbreaking was the profound fear and trauma she displayed, and the hopeless state of her seven puppies who were born into this horrible environment.

Imagine being born into a world where all you know is the burning stench of urine, the smell of faeces and rotting garbage, and the persistent sound of anxious dogs barking. 

It's a disturbing thought.

With the assistance of police and rangers, RSPCA WA inspectors rescued 39 dogs and puppies from the property and brought them here to RSPCA WA’s Animal Care Centre in Malaga.

Blanka, her siblings, and her puppies were now safe. But the work was far from over.

For dogs like this, every step of their journey, from veterinary care to behaviour assessments and finally rehoming, requires unwavering dedication and financial support from RSPCA WA.

With 39 dogs and puppies rescued from the property, and another 19 puppies born in care from dogs who were pregnant at the time of rescue, the cost of shelter care was immense.

Collectively, the dogs were in care for 26,399 days. The cost to shelter them for this time was more than $572,000.

Because of people like you, I know that the next time we receive a call like the one involving Blanka, we will be ready because, like you, we will never turn our backs on animals in need.

No inspector wants to respond to another puppy farm inquiry. No staff member wants to witness an animal cowering in the corner of a kennel too fearful to move. No one wants to see a pet surrendered or abandoned. But that is the reality of what we do and why we exist. And that is why we need your help – now more than ever.

Help another animal today!

The journey to rehabilitation for Blanka and the puppy farm dogs was long and arduous. They underwent extensive vet examinations and medical treatments. Some dogs had severely matted fur which required specialist grooming. Some had grass seeds embedded in their skin that needed to be surgically removed. And some were seriously underweight which meant they needed a personalised feeding regime spread over many months to help them gain weight.

It took anywhere from a few weeks to several months to correct the labradoodles’ physical ailments, but even longer to mend their shattered spirits.

I can only imagine how confused and anxious they were as they arrived at the shelter. It would have been a staggering change from the horrible conditions they were used to.

Even though they were in a better place now, the trauma from the way they were cruelly treated lingered.

An influx of dogs arrived in our care putting a huge strain on resources.The labradoodles needed a behaviour modification plan to help each of them overcome this trauma and learn how to be a dog for the first time. It took time, patience, and expert skill from the behaviour team to help them heal.

These dogs were with us for 14 months.

That’s 14 months of foster care, 14 months of behaviour modification therapy, 14 months of shelter care.

Over 50 dogs and puppies were placed in long-term foster care with many later adopted by their long-term foster parents. Blanka and her puppies found new forever homes with families that love and cherish them.

To an animal lover like you, I know reading about their cruel start to life is heartbreaking.

It is a sad reminder that the very essence of our mission - the protection and care of animals - remains as vital as ever.

A donation of your choice today can make a profound difference in the lives of animals who have endured unimaginable suffering.

Over the festive season, it will provide them with the gift of hope, healing, and a second chance at happiness.