They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And in this case, it’s a thousand thank yous. These animals offer a tiny glimpse into the difference your support has made in 2021.

When animals are badly let down by their owners, it’s people like you who lift them up. Your generosity provides care, much-needed treatment, and a second chance at love, life and happiness. You can see in their eyes how much it means.



Bubba did not deserve to live like this! Thanks to you, he got the care he needed.



Daisy was suffering with severe skin allergies… but look how far she’s come.



Audrey was starving and ignored… today she’s well-fed and living a very comfy life.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell


Peter Pan and Tinks were neglected and in pain… now they’re barely recognisable.



George’s neglect was heartbreaking to see… but look how healthy he's become. 

Cherry and Champ 


Champ and Cherry were abandoned and so skinny… now life is looking up.



Adore’s painful injury had been ignored… today she rules the roost in her forever home.


  Millie after

You could count every one of Millie’s ribs… now she’s totally and utterly loved.



Lassie had been forgotten for 14 long years... today, she's got a new lease on life. 



Bobbie’s ears were brimming with ticks… now she’s healed and part of a family.



Remi was wasting away… just look how shiny and healthy she is now!



Harvey was left hungry in a barren backyard… today, he’s a loved family member.

Thank you for making these and many more furry-tail endings come true! If you can't get enough of happy transformations, follow RSPCA WA on Facebook and Instagram