It’s Valentine’s Day next month and love is in the air. Some of your biggest admirers are your fluffy and furry mates at home. Your dog is barking mad about you, and your cat just thinks you’re purr-fect! Not so sure? Here are some ways that your pets show they love you.


1. Head-butting
Cats will rub their heads on you not only to bond, but to also leave their scent on you. By mixing their scent with yours, it creates a shared scent, indicating that you belong together.

2. Kneading
When your cat was a kitten it used to push its little paws up and down on its mother to help stimulate milk. So, if your cat likes to sit on or near you and knead its paws, it’s a sign that they’re happy.

3. Slow blinking
The eyes are the window to the soul, and if your cat is slowly blinking at you, that means they are content.

4. Showing their tummy
Cats aren’t often known for liking a tummy rub (although some really do), but a cat showing their tummy indicates that they’re happy and content.

5. Putting their bottom in your face
While not exactly ideal for you, your cat used to do this with their mother and it is a sign that they trust you to look after them.

cat holding heart-shaped plush toy


1. Sighing
Ever had your dog lying next to you, all sprawled out, and just let out a massive sigh? Don’t worry, they’re content, not bored. Soft vocalizations like sighs and low groans are signs of contentment in dogs, and if they’re snuggled up beside you, it means they feel safe as well.

2. Leaning
When your dog comes up to you and leans against you with their full weight, they’re showing you they trust you a lot.

3. Showing their their tummy*
Most dogs love a good tummy rub, and by rolling over they’re exposing a vulnerable part of themselves to you. This means that they trust you a lot.

4. Licking*
Kissing is one of the universal languages of love, and your dog probably has a million big, sloppy ones for you.

5. Eye contact
While eye contact with an unfamiliar or nervous dog can be quite threatening and dangerous, if your best mate is giving you long, loving stares all day long this can be an indication of great affection.


All pets are individuals and express themselves in different ways. Rolling over, and licking, for example can actually be calming signals/appeasement gestures, or a sign of stress or fear. It’s important to look at your pet’s behaviour as a whole, rather than just one sign in isolation, and consider the context in which they’re displaying these behaviours.