26 October 2022

In need of a pick-me-up this week? We've got just the ticket.  It’s not coffee, chocolate, or a holiday, but it’s certainly up there, with a guaranteed serotonin boost!

Keep scrolling to see the happy faces of nine furry friends that YOUR SUPPORT helped save! 

Biscotti had a terrible wound under his arm. It took four months to treat and heal!


Bindi was emaciated and scared. Her weight almost doubled in care.


Soft and beautiful soul Hazelnut gained 10kg and is all smiles today.


Supa overcame a terrible ordeal at just six weeks old, after being found in a glue trap.


Puppy Jackie was petrified and so skinny on arrival. Now she’s happy and loved.


Pythagoras had a bad break in his leg and required a full amputation.


Poor Teddy was itchy, irritated and almost bald when he arrived in RSPCA WA’s care. Now he's a big puff of fluff! 


Smooche’s coat was matted, overgrown and riddled with fleas. He’s much hoppier now.


Kenny was hit by a car. Today he's pain-free and loving life on three paws.


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