Jill (pictured above) was surrendered to RSPCA’s Goldfields inspector from a property in Coolgardie, because her owners could no longer care for her.  

The one-year-old Sharpei-cross was in foster with superstar carer Cam locally, before travelling to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre in Perth for medical treatment.

Jill spent nearly three months in care with RSPCA. She had surgery on both eyes to correct entropion—a painful condition where the eyelids roll inwards, scratching the eye—and was sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped ready to find a permanent, loving home.

Meanwhile, her pups Jaxon, Janus, Jatz, Junebug, Jupiter, Jiggly, Jester, Jubilee and Joyce were all adopted!

While Jill was in Perth, Cam realised how much he missed this sweet girl and that he couldn’t bear to let her go.  

He had fostered countless animals to help RSPCA's Goldfields inspector in the past, but Jill was the first one to work her way so deeply into his heart. What a special girl! 


Goldfields Inspector Fiona Brown says Jill could not wait to be reunited with her human, and best puppy pal Cindy (see reunion video below!)

'I picked Jill up from another inspector in Merredin,' Inspector Brown says.

'The whole way back to Kalgoorlie Jill just sat quietly, but as soon as Cam’s house came into sight she was beside herself with excitement. She just about bowled me over trying to get to him for a cuddle.

'It’s amazing to see an animal who hasn’t had the best start to life finally get the love and attention they deserve.

'I’ve seen first-hand the incredible bond that people can develop with a rescue animal. I’d really encourage anyone thinking of getting a pet to consider adoption, and giving an animal a second chance.'



Jill's puppies Jaxon, Joyce and Jatz have found found happy new homes too! 

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