23 June 2021

Beautiful Bobbi came into care in December last year.

She was seized from a Broome property, following a cruelty report about an underweight dog with a large amount of ticks on her body (see picture, above). 

This week, Bobbi's owner - a 33-year-old woman - was sentenced in court. She was banned from owning or being in contact with a dog for 10 years, fined a total of $3750 and ordered to pay costs of $2068.38. Read more about Bobbi's case here and see the sad 'before' pictures.

Despite what she's been through, Bobbi is such a trusting and gentle dog. Nobody knows this better than her devoted foster carer Sylvie, who shared these touching words about Bobbi (aka the 'biggest smoocher on the planet'):

"Three days before Bobbi came to our home, our own little brave dog William passed away.  We were heartbroken. My partner phoned me the day after and asked if there were any dogs at RSPCA who needed fostering, as the house felt so empty (two budgies, lovely as they are, just didn’t cut it). A couple of days later, we took Bobbi home.

At first, Bobbi wasn’t really too sure about eating out of a bowl, and there was a bit of hand feeding in the beginning until she got into a routine and realised we were going to feed her twice a day, regardless.

Bobbi has settled in beautifully – she absolutely loves her walks every day and has a favourite stuffed toy shark that she stole from my daughter (see pic below). Bobbi is the biggest smoocher on the planet and she actually cuddles you. Combined with those big brown eyes looking at you, everyone falls in love with her.   

I am keeping my fingers crossed that Bobbi will become a ‘foster fail’ and be able to stay with us – we love her. I honestly believe that things happen for a reason and I feel we needed Bobbi as much as she needed us – the timing was perfect."