When an animal is denied care, it is absolutely heartbreaking. But because of supporters like you, we can take life-saving action to help mistreated animals like Bee.

This three-year-old Staffy boy had suffered a painful injury to his tail.  The wound was so deep you could see the bone!  

Bee was found wandering the streets by rangers in Wagin, and RSPCA WA was called in to help.

The poor boy would’ve been in pain just trying to do simple things, like sit or lie down.

At the Animal Care Centre, vets discovered Bee’s injury was old and infected – it had clearly been left untreated for some time.

They carefully cleaned and bandaged the wound, but unfortunately it was determined his tail could not be saved.

Bee arrived at RSPCA WA with a bad injury to his tail

Bees tail is cleaned in the vet clinic at RSPCA Bee in kennel looking at the camera

Bee underwent surgery to amputate his tail, and he recovered in a safe, cosy kennel, while being closely monitored by the team. He also received treatment to heal his infected ears, which were riddled with grass seeds.

A few weeks later, and free from pain for the first time in months, Bee finally started to show his true paw-sonality. He'd gained weight too, and was looking fit and happy. Check out his 'adopt me' pic below! 

Bee is a spunky and active boy, who will definitely keep his new family on their toes.

He has a wonderful future to look forward to – and it’s all thanks to kind-hearted people like you.