8 April 2022

A three-legged internet sensation, rescued from RSPCA WA, has set tongues wagging after his paw-rents went to great lengths to include him in their wedding day.

The one-year-old Jack Russell cross, known to his Insta fans as Billy the Tripawd, took his role as Dog of Honour very seriously, flying 3000-odd kilometres across the country last month to fulfil his duties.

Emily and David Katz with RSPCA adoptee Billy.   Dog of Honour Billy dressed to impress.

RSPCA WA Shelter Manager, Emily Smith, says after seeing Billy’s rough start to life, it’s heart-warming to know he’s now so obviously loved and cherished.

‘I’m not surprised any more by the lengths people go to when it comes to showing their love for their dogs—I think it’s great’, she says.

‘I’ve seen lavish birthday parties, very active doggy Instagram pages, gushing adoption updates and just about every personalised doggy accessory under the sun.

‘We even recently had a team member choreograph her wedding dance to include her pup.

‘A recent study found more than 60 per cent of Australians with a dog or cat consider their pets to be members of the family, so it’s not surprising we’d want them to share celebrations and milestones in our lives.

‘Forking out hundreds to fly your pet across the country for your wedding is a level of pet-obsessed we can all aspire to.’

  Emily Katz with Billy on the wedding day.

The bride in question, 29-year-old Emily Katz, says she and her husband Daniel, 31, didn’t think twice about bringing Billy along for their special day.

‘He’s our family and our only child,’ she says.

‘We couldn’t get married without having our whole family there. 

‘Since the day we brought him home from RSPCA WA last year we were absolutely smitten and now we share such a special bond.’

Mrs Katz says Billy has enjoyed the cafe scene in Melbourne but is excited to get back to the beautiful beaches of Perth.

‘I know it might sound over the top to some people, but we just love Billy so much. He’s made us really believe that adoption is the best option,’ she says.

Billy was surrendered to the RSPCA in October last year with a leg so badly broken it needed to be amputated.

He adjusted very quickly and soon became a staff favourite.

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