12 October 2021

Western Australia will receive more than $445,000 to help improve the management of feral pigs and wild dogs.

A $5million Australian Government funding package to manage established pest animals and weeds will fund 11 projects across the country.

Here in Western Australia, $445,800 has been committed to tackling feral pigs and wild dogs, specifically through the development of a sophisticated camera trap network in the north of the state.

The State Government and the Recognised Biosecurity Groups taking part have contributed an additional $500,000 of cash and in-kind support towards the project.

The camera trap network will allow land managers to detect feral pigs and wild dogs and therefore get on top of the problem before they cause further damage. It is also essential to monitor the impact caused by these species and evaluate control measures in terms of reducing this impact

WA’s Minister for Agriculture, Alannah MacTiernan, said the project would improve feral pig and wild dog monitoring in the northern agricultural zone, which is often conducted on small scales and in isolation.

'Feral pigs and wild dogs have a significant impact on livestock and cropping systems in the northern agricultural zone.

'This camera network will increase the capacity of three Recognised Biosecurity Groups in the area to work to detect and mount timely, coordinated responses to wild dogs and pigs.'