These four happy stories about neglected and abandoned animals who got their furry-tail endings will make you feel so good! 

Wobbly Peanut finds her paws 

Peanut arrived at just four weeks old, after being found all alone and abandoned by a worker. 

Her coat was filthy and she was very underweight.

When she arrived at the vet clinic, Peanut was so afraid. The team reassured her that life was about to get better.  

It was quickly noted that sweet Peanut was struggling to walk. She was very wobbly – especially when she tried to focus on something, like eating, or conducting a very intimidating pounce on one of her toys.

Blood tests ruled out any infectious causes for the tremors. And although they’d likely be lifelong – Peanut would still be able to live a happy life with some help from her new family.

Peanut spent a little over two months in foster care, gaining weight and building up her strength.

She then quickly captured the heart of new owner Sandy, who says Peanut is an absolute treasure and keeps the family entertained every day with her antics


Love at last for Rosie and Bailey 

Gorgeous senior pair Rosie and Bailey were surrendered to RSPCA WA in a very sorry state. 

They were dreadlocked and matted – poor Bailey also had a large bald spot on his back. Both pups were covered in fleas, and it was clear straight away that they’d need extensive medical treatment.

But a haircut was definitely the first order of the day. It was a long and careful process, but once cleaned up, we think you’ll agree they made quite the handsome pair! 

Rosie and Bailey were in care for several months, receiving treatment to help their itchy and infected skin heal.  They spent lots of time relaxing and playing ball up in the RSPCA offices – where they could be showered with pats and TLC.

You’ll be happy to hear that it was love at first sight for Rosie and Bailey’s new family - who had space in their home and hearts for both of them! They’re devoted to giving these golden oldies a wonderful life.

A big smile from Rosie in her new home Bailey having a bath 


Little fighter Rocky saved from roof 

Sweet fluff ball Rocky was rescued from a roof cavity in the Goldfields town of Kambalda, where he’d reportedly spent several days crying out for help.

After a health check, Rocky was placed with local RSPCA foster carer, Jayne.  She was completely devoted to Rocky's care, which included bottle feeds every two hours, and regular sessions with his hot water bottle.

Rocky was definitely a fighter! And after several days of attentive care (which included Jayne toileting and burping him!), little Rocky was out of the woods.   

Check out the adorable clip below of Rocky enjoying a brush with his baby toothbrush – he had a session after every feed and particularly loved it on his tiny tum!

We’re pleased to tell you that after a number of weeks in foster care, developing his strength and cheeky paw-sonality – Rocky found his forever family!

He’ll never feel scared or alone ever again. 


Puppies rescued just in time 

Jester and Josie’s story starts with a frantic dash to the Animal Care Centre. 

It was an extremely hot day, and Inspector Flo had received a report about two puppies who were unable to walk.

She found them shaking uncontrollably and, fearing the worst, brought them straight in.

Thankfully, there was no sign of poisoning. Vets suspected a birth defect, so booked Jester and Josie in for a neurology exam to confirm.

Jester in the RSPCA vet clinic Josie in the RSPCA vet clinic

In the meantime, the puppies were hand fed and given fluids to help them recuperate.  

Jester (pictured above left) and Josie (pictured above right) were diagnosed with a condition colloquially known as ‘shaking puppy syndrome’, which was affecting their nervous systems.

The good news was that with time, and supportive care, the pups would likely make a full recovery.

In foster care, there were plenty of wobbly walks and little tumbles, but the pair eventually found their paws. It’s amazing what a big dose of TLC can do!

Jester and Josie have since been adopted into new homes, where they quickly became cherished members of the family.

 Jester loving life in his new home Josie getting comfortable with her new family

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