Little Chester came to RSPCA WA at the ripe age of 14, with a long list of untreated medical issues. The fluffy fellow had terribly infected and painful teeth, a sinus infection, arthritis, and problems with his eyes.  

RSPCA vets prescribed medicine to help with Chester’s infections and pain, before taking X-rays of his jaw to assess the damage. Unfortunately, the few teeth Chester had left were damaged beyond repair and would need to be removed in surgery. The operation went well, and it quickly became clear Chester wasn't phased by being toothless.

Free from pain, his sparky personality really started to shine through. And in an adorable development, his tongue became prone to permanently hanging out of his mouth.

With his other issues under control, vets turned their attention to Chester's eyes, which would likely need extensive investigation and treatment. RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie (pictured below) put her hand up to foster Chester and give him a much-needed break from the shelter. We can confirm the little cloud is being utterly spoiled in his temporary home, and has made fast friends with Kylie's Bull Terrier, Gemma—they make quite the pair! 


Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter, Chester was prescribed a very cool pair of 'doggles' by the specialist vet to protect his eyes, as the medicine had made them extra sensitive to the sun. 


With the best care possible, we hope it won't be long until Chester is ready for his second chance with a loving new family. 

Support from kind animal lovers makes it possible for the RSPCA to put everything into helping animals like Chester, who deserve a comfortable retirement. Thank you so much from Chester and his doggles!

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