In areas where wild dog baiting programs are being undertaken, using a muzzle on a working dog can mean a great difference to the safety of a valued co-worker.

RSPCA encourages owners of working dogs to take a look at a video recently released by the National Wild Dog Action Plan. The video puts forward the reasons for muzzling working dogs in areas subject to wild dog control plans. However, for those who are unsure how to properly train their dog to feel comfortable wearing a muzzle, we recommend seeking the advice from a reward-based dog trainer. 

Ideally, we would like to see another instructional video produced with a step by step guide. It could also include discussion about the stages that a working dog might go through while adapting to working with the muzzle.

Training your working dog to adapt to working while wearing a muzzle can make a great difference to their welfare by preventing suffering and even death from accidental poisoning by picking up a bait intended for wild dogs.