26 March 2021

Six-year-old Max was in a shocking state when he was surrendered to RSPCA WA.

His coat was severely matted and riddled with prickles. Dreadlocks covered his whole body, tail and face.


The vets got to work straight away and took over an hour to clip his grimy coat. Sweet Max sat quietly the whole time – so patient and trusting.     

With his matted coat removed, the extent of Max’s neglect became clear. He was very malnourished. You could count his ribs, and vets rated his body condition at just 2/9.

Max ate ravenously at his first meal. He was then given four meals a day to help him gain weight.

Watch the video below of Max being clipped and having his first meal...


After just eight weeks in care, Max was looking so much better, and had gained almost 2kg.

Max totally captured his foster carer’s heart. 

Maria, says:

‘I remember when I first saw him I thought he was so cute. He was so good in the car driving home, he just sat there no problem. Soon it became clear he was just too adorable to give up. He was just so full of love, life and joy – a little furry teddy bear. He sleeps on my bed every night and – no joke – everyone we meet thinks he’s a puppy. Of course he was going to be a ‘foster fail’.’

Maria recently adopted Max, and she’ll continue to help him make a full recovery.

Your support completely changed Max’s life. From neglected and ignored to a cherished family member. Thank you for caring.


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