A day in the life of an RSPCA WA inspector is never dull. Their commitment to helping creatures great and small can lead to some pretty interesting situations. Here’s just a few of the stranger rescues from recent months...

Saving pup was child’s play

When a report came through about a puppy who had been dumped inside a charity donation bin, Inspector Flo was there in a flash. She used bolt cutters and an angle grinder to break open the bin and retrieve the pup, only to discover the reported crying canine was in fact a squeaking cuddly toy! Inspector Flo was so relieved this story had a paws-itive ending.

Lucky’s second chance

Lucky certainly earned her name, after spending two hours evading capture on busy Tonkin Highway! She was none the wiser to the traffic chaos she caused crossing eight lanes and two bridges during the chase. When she was finally in safe hands, the eccentric ewe could be relocated to a permanent home at a Muchea hobby farm.

A taxing turkey rescue

On a 38C day, a turkey was spotted by a member of the public. The bird, who we suspect may have been dumped, was clearly in distress, so an Inspector Sam was called to the rescue. On arrival, she offered the bird water, which it drank desperately. Then came the taxing task of trying to contain our feathered friend. It took Inspector Sam over an hour, but it was all worthwhile to see the turkey safe and bound for a nearby sanctuary.

Raven flies free

It was a Sunday when RSPCA WA was called out to help a raven who had become trapped inside a large metal artwork. He was clearly exhausted, and when Inspector Sam arrived he was worryingly still. Fearing the worst, she quickly scaled her ladder, and used a pole to gently maneuver him to safety. After a tense few seconds, the raven suddenly got a second wind and took flight. By all accounts he appeared uninjured and very happy to have his freedom back.

Help for unusual brood

Inspector Alison got a shock when she was called out to a property to find a whopping 29 ducks and eight goats in need of new homes. Their elderly owner had been hospitalised, and the animals were definitely in need of some TLC! This was quite the relocation operation, but we’re happy to report that all of the ducks and goats have now found happy new homes!

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