Pet owners across WA are urged to prepare their pets for fireworks around New Year celebrations and over the Australia Day long weekend.

Fireworks can cause fear and stress for animals: owners of dogs and horses, in particular, are reminded to secure their pets and ensure their comfort.

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Top 10 Tips to keep your pets safe during fireworks

  1. Keep pets indoors and provide access to a hiding place where they can retreat to - somewhere dimly lit, and sheltered or enclosed such as a closet or under the bed. Ensure they have access to food and water while in their hiding place, and a favourite blanket or toy to comfort them.

  2. Close all blinds or curtains in the house, keep lights on, and play music or turn on the TV to mask the fireworks.

  3. Remain calm around your pets so they don’t pick up on any nervous energy, and try to engage your pets in normal activities, rewarding them for calm behaviour.

  4. Ensure small pets are secured in their hutch/enclosure and bring them inside, if possible.

  5. Stable horses and cover stable windows to mask the sight and sound of the fireworks. Ensure the stable is free from any sharp objects that could injure a horse if it becomes startled.

  6. Never tether an animal as they can inflict significant injuries upon themselves if panicked.

  7. Ensure all your pets’ microchips are up-to-date with your current contact details, so that you can be easily reunited if they do manage to escape during the fireworks.

  8. Ensure pets are well-fed, to make them as calm and content as possible before the stress begins.

  9. Exercise pets well before fireworks begin, or provide mental stimulation for those that can’t be exercised, to burn off excess energy and relax their body and mind.

  10. If possible, stay home with your pets or organise for someone familiar to be home with them until the fireworks have finished.

All pet owners should check to see if there are any displays scheduled nearby their property, and if so, take necessary steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their animals, before the fireworks begin. 

Fireworks can be very scary for our pets - the unexpected and ongoing loud bangs from fireworks can make animals very anxious and fearful; with reports of some animals running through windows or fencing to try to escape the noise, causing significant and even life-threatening injuries to themselves.”