When a report came through about a small dog with no kennel and no bedding, Inspector Mikayla was sent to a property in Perth’s south to investigate. She was not prepared for what she found.

The first thing Mikayla noticed when Bubba’s sweet face peeked around the gate was that his coat was severely overgrown and matted-he could barely even see.  

The inspector worked to gain Bubba’s trust with kind words and treats, before moving closer to examine him.

She was shocked to see a terrible infected area on Bubba’s back end. There was a bloody, foul-smelling discharge coming from the area and it was immediately clear Bubba needed to see a vet. 

Bubbas coat was long and matted, causing sever itchiness and pain   Bubba the Maltese-cross was found with two large, infected masses around his rear-end

We later found it had been 10 long years since the little guy had received any medical attention. Even after months of him suffering from the painful masses, Bubba’s owner did nothing.

She said money was tight, but there is simply no excuse for allowing an animal to suffer this way. We say it time and time again: People who are struggling to care for their animals need to reach out for help!

Eleven-year-old Bubba was surrendered to RSPCA and transported to the Animal Care Centre in Malaga, where further examination and tests revealed the extent of his neglect.

RSPCA WA vets, nurses, animal attendants and volunteers helped to treat Bubba

In addition to the ulcerated, infected masses on his back end, Bubba was covered in many more lumps, his coat was long, matted and full of flea dirt, and his ears were inflamed and infected. 

There’s no doubt he’d been in pain for some time. 

Bubba was booked in for surgery straight away to remove the masses. His filthy coat was carefully clipped and his ears were flushed and medicated.

Bubba spent time recovering in a calm and comfortable foster home with another little Maltese cross for company (his first friend ever!).

After three months in care recuperating, Bubba was ready to find his forever family. New owner Jodi, pictured below, said his sweet face captured her heart immediately.

"Bubba is the most trusting and loving little man. He came into our lives at the right time when we had to say goodbye to our two Shih Tzus of 14 years. He loves walking and gets out every morning and travels to Bridgetown most weekends to enjoy country life. He is so loveable and loves cuddling on the couch and our bed. He leaves a lasting impression on whoever he meets, and we are so lucky to have found him. He's loving his new life!"


Last month, Bubba’s former owner – a 47-year-old Hammond Park woman – was banned from owning a dog for three years, fined $2500 and ordered to pay $305.70 in costs after pleading guilty to animal cruelty.

Your support helps seek justice for voiceless animals like Bubba. It funds their rescue, medical treatment and rehabilitation – giving them a second chance at the love and happiness that all animals deserve.