Quinns Rocks Dog Beach

Quinns Rock Dog Beach is located on Ocean Drive, and provides visitors with facilities such as water stations, poo-bags and bins, parking and lots of green places for your dog to sniff and explore. Owners should be mindful of snakes when visiting. 

dog on Quinns Rocks beach 

Animal Exercise Beach (Hillarys)

With its clear water and small waves, the Hillarys Animal Exercise Beach is the perfect spot to exercise your furry mate, and maybe make some new four-legged friends along the way. Your dog can play and swim, and there’s even dog washing facilities, plus a coffee van nearby on the weekends.

 dog on HIllarys beach

North Beach Dog Beach

North Beach Dog Beach is one of Perth’s smaller dog beaches, but boasts shallow and calm water, and is just a short walk from the Flora Terrace café strip. With stairs at the southern end of the beach for easy access, why not take your four-legged friend down for a swim and then pop over to a pet-friendly cafe for a coffee afterwards.

 dog on North Beach

South Fremantle Dog Beach

The South Fremantle Dog Beach is a bustling hub where dogs of all shapes and sizes can come together for some summer fun. The beach is often packed with dogs running around, barking and having a good time, and there’s even a “stick library” (a wooden box filled with various sticks that your dog can “rent” and play with while you’re visiting).

 dog on south Fremantle dog beach

CY O'Connor Dog Beach

CY O’Connor Dog Beach is located in North Coogee, and provides visitors with large, grassy BBQ areas with picnic shelters. This location is perfect for an off-lead walk along the sand with your furry friend as the sun sets.

 dog on CY O

Rockingham Dog Beach

For dogs who aren’t fond of big waves, Rockingham Dog Beach offers calm, tranquil waters to splash around in, and a doggy water bubbler for a quick drink. There are also picnic areas and playgrounds for the rest of the family to enjoy.

Whichever beach you and your mate end up visiting, here are our top tips to make sure you both have a great beach day:

  • Bring plenty of fresh water, doggy bags, towels and snacks

  • Perhaps invest in a canine life jacket and sunscreen

  • Don’t forget to bring waterproof dog toys

  • On hot days, it's best to keep visits short, and go early in the morning or in the evening to protect against heatstroke and burnt paws


Bear in mind that off-leash parks and beaches may not be suitable for all dogs. We recommend that to attend an off-leash venue, your dog should:

  • Have an understanding of basic training, such as provided via puppy school

  • Reliably come when called (the “recall” command)

  • Be able to interact with other dogs without feeling frightened or aggressive

  • Be fully vaccinated, wormed and treated for external parasites (such as fleas)

  • Be desexed (to avoid females being pursued and terrified, dog fights between competing males and unplanned matings)

  • Be microchipped and registered with your council and have your contact details (such as your phone number and address) attached to their collar

  • Have the ability to swim


Photos: Instagram, courtesy of @samarobryn @haley__edith @thelifeof_akela_and_zazu @zigggy_smalls @days_of_desi @tank_the_doofus