When the weather warms up, rescue groups across WA brace for an influx of unplanned and unwanted litters. Caring for these fragile lives is a huge job. They need special care, including help toileting and bottle feeding every few hours, around the clock.

In October alone, over 50 kittens have come into RSPCA WA—plus, we have several pregnant cats due to give birth any day now. While these numbers put a real strain on resources, kitten season does bring some cute and interesting rescue stories with it.

These three kitten 'tails' with happy endings were only made possible thanks to generous supporters and animal lovers like you.


Dumped on our Doorstep

Quinton and Takumi were dumped at the shelter gates in a cardboard box one chilly morning.

A staff member heard their cries for help when she arrived at 7am, and approached the box to find their tiny bodies, cold and still.

Fearing the worst, she rushed the kittens straight to the vet clinic. On the way, she was relieved to see their tiny eyes starting to open. They couldn’t have been more than a week old!

This tiny kitten was one of two dumped at the gates of the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre  This tiny kitten was one of two dumped at the gates of the RSPCA WA Animal Care Centre

Vets said the kittens couldn’t have survived overnight, so had likely been dumped just a few hours earlier. After a bath, a full check-up and a warm meal, Quinton and Takumi were placed in a cosy heated condo to recover from their ordeal.

With a clean bill of health, the kittens went to a foster home, where they are receiving round-the-clock care until they are old enough to be rehomed.

It’s terrible to think how many other ways this story could have gone.

It’s only because of generous support from animals lovers like you that RSPCA is here, 365 days a year, rescuing and caring for vulnerable animals.


Stray saved from the streets

Sweet Bella is a stray from Kalgoorlie, who came into RSPCA care heavily pregnant, after being reported by a member of the public.

After a full vet check, RSPCA Goldfields Inspector Fiona placed Bella with an experienced foster carer, as she was just days from giving birth.

Support from people like you meant Bella had a warm, safe and comfortable place to have her five kittens—dubbed Brioche, Betty, Bijoux, Bertie and Bam-Bam.

Sweet cat Bella came into RSPCA care heavily pregnant  Three of Bella's five tiny kittens receiving round-the-clock foster care

Despite being just a baby herself at one year old, Bella has done an amazing job of raising her litter.

These adorable little fluff balls are thriving and changing every day! Their eyes are now open, and they’ve started to become very curious and playful.

Meanwhile, Bella’s carer is making sure she has everything she needs, including regular, nutritious meals to keep her strength up, plus plenty of cuddles and TLC.

Life is looking very bright for the family of felines.

In a sweet twist, the community member who reported Bella to RSPCA WA is keen to give her a permanent loving home! And we’re sure her kittens will have no problem capturing hearts once they’re weaned, sterilised, vaccinated and ready for a fresh start.


Freed from inside a brick wall

At just 12 days old, tiny Wall-e has already had a lifetime’s worth of adventure.

His desperate cries for help were heard, but he couldn’t be found. For the people living in the house, it was agonising hearing those cries, but they felt helpless.

They also didn’t know whose kitten it was—they don’t have a cat and neither do any of their neighbours. They called the RSPCA for help.

Because of kind supports like you, Wall-e, the tiny kitten, would get the help he needed. Inspector Alison arrived at the house and quickly got to work to narrow down Wall-e’s location. It was difficult—he appeared to be trapped in a wall cavity. Inspector Alison was going to need more help.

Luckily the Kensington Fire Brigade wasn’t far away. Justin, Adam, Matt and Damien got to work immediately, and with Inspector Alison’s help, tiny Wall-e was freed from his ordeal. But he’d been through a lot and was weak from crying out for help. And nobody knew how long he’d been trapped without food or water.


Wall-e was rushed to the RSPCA Animal Care Centre, where with vet treatment, proper care and plenty of love he has made a full recovery.

Wall-e was a bit lonely, so has been placed in foster care with dumped kittens Quinton and Takumi.

The trio are growing so quickly, finding their paws, and learning to explore their surrounding (keeping their foster carer on her toes!).


Unfortunately, unowned cat populations continue to be an issue across WA. RSPCA WA works hard to educate the community about the importance of de-sexing and keeping cats contained. We know financial stress can be a barrier to de-sexing, which is why RSPCA is excited to have secured funding for a trial low-cost pet sterilisation program to support low-income earners. This is a huge step towards curbing unwanted cat populations, and we’re exciting to roll the trail out across WA in 2022. Watch this space! 


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