Pet care is a big responsibility and can be expensive. In addition to adoption fees and daily nutritious food, providing shelter, enrichment and medical care when your pet is sick can quickly add up. If you're finding it hard to keep up with the costs associated with pet care, try these few tips:

  • Consider generic brand pet food. Ask your vet for advice on how to reduce feeding costs while ensuring your pet gets the nutrition it needs.
  • Contact your local food shelter. Pet food is a commonly donated item you may be able to access.
  • Come to an RSPCA Community Action Day. Check details for the next RSPCA Community Action Day and come down with your dog. You can get a free medical check, free micro-chipping, free training and behaviour advice and free dog and cat food. (You're welcome to bring your dog, but please don’t bring your cat, for welfare reasons).
  • Pet Insurance can help to cover the medical costs if your pet becomes sick or gets injured. Once you're back on your feet, consider signing up for a pet health insurance policy.