The first priority of RSPCA Inspectors is always animal welfare.

Our mission is to prevent cruelty, so we do seek to educate owners on providing better care for their animals. When that is not possible, we seek to provide the animal a future free from further suffering, in an environment where they will receive ongoing care and protection.

Our inspectors may legally take any of the following actions:

  • Offer advice and assistance to the owner.
  • Issue a warning letter and follow up with spot checks to ensure the advice and/or recommendations have been implemented.
  • Issue the owner with a Direction Notice, which requires the owner to take action as instructed by the Inspector.
  • Continue to work with the owner for the best outcome for the animal.
  • Seize the animal/s if the Inspector believes that the animal is currently or in immediate danger of suffering harm and there are grounds under the Animal Welfare Act 2002
  • Prosecute the owner for a breach of the Animal Welfare Act 2002.