Did you know that structured dog training classes can help to address some of the unwanted behaviours your dog shows? This can include:

  • Chewing, digging up the garden, destroying furniture
  • Howling, barking or crying when left at home alone
  • Aggression towards other dogs and animals when out and about

If you’re thinking of surrendering your pet because of any of these unwanted behaviours, we strongly recommend dog training that uses positive techniques to reward good behaviour.

You could also try these tips:

  • Keep them busy. Keep your dog’s mind active during the day. Leave them with food puzzles and treats to keep their minds busy. In summer, try freezing treats in a block of ice. Or place treats in a series of boxes, one inside the other.
  • Leave some ‘company’ for them. Consider leaving the radio or TV on during the day. You could also check out ‘Through a Dog’s Ear’ on YouTube—soundtracks of relaxing music that could help to calm your pet.
  • Increase social and play time. Expand your pet’s world by taking them for a walk along a different route each day. The dogs they meet and the different smells will keep their brain busy. You can also teach them a new trick for play time.
  • Hire a dog walker or dog sitter. If you don’t have time, consider hiring a force-free dog walker or pet service to come and walk your dog during the day.
  • Consider your pet’s environment. All pets benefit from environmental enrichment. Rotate the toys and puzzles you leave out for your dog each day, so they don’t get bored with the same things. Also add new toys every now and then to make a difference to their everyday life.