The RSPCA respects freedom of choice and diversity. Our key mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and protection. We aspire to educate and raise awareness on issues such as inhumane killing of livestock, responsible pet ownership, ethical consumer choices, etc. and we strive to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to achieve this.

While the farming of animals for food and fibre continues, the RSPCA seeks to ensure that the conditions under which those animals live meet their physical and behavioural needs. The RSPCA believes we can help improve how farm animals are treated by getting involved in the process and constantly pushing for higher production standards along the supply chain. We do this at government, industry and producer level.

The RSPCA encourages people who do consume meat, eggs, milk and other animal products to make a higher welfare choice, and to help them do this the RSPCA aims to ensure that higher welfare alternatives are readily available on the supermarket shelf.