Are you looking for something to get your kids* interested in animals? Need a school holiday activity that will not only keep the kids busy but instil some great values?

Young animal lovers can also make a real difference to the lives of animals by becoming an RSPCA WA Junior Rescue Officer!

The program aims to encourage and engage young children in animal welfare. Junior Rescue Officers will learn how best to care for their own animals as well as practical ways to support RSPCA WA’s team of inspectors and carers.

RSPCA WA Junior Rescue office with Inspector Kylie taking an oath to protect animals.It's never too early to start teaching children how to look after animals, and respect them as living creatures. Being a Junior Rescue Officer reinforces good welfare messages through fun, practical activities that children can do to help animals in their homes, in their neighbourhoods, or animals currently in shelter environments waiting for their new families.

Sign up to become an RSPCA Junior Rescue Officer for $35 (including postage) and you will receive:

  • An Official Junior Rescue Officer ID card
  • A Paw Points handbook to complete activities throughout the year
  • Certificate upon completion of activities
  • An RSPCA Animania magazine
  • A Junior Rescue Officer teddy bear
  • Three communications with our RSPCA Inspectors a year
  • A birthday card

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*The Junior Rescue Officer program is ideal for primary school-aged children between 6-10 years old.

Complete your Paw Point Activities

Already a Junior Rescue Officer? Remember to complete your Paw Point activities within the year to receive your completion certificate and a special surprise gift!