17 July 2023

A 32-year-old man from Perth’s south, who left two dogs tied up in his backyard without water or shelter, has been fined $10,000 and banned from contact with pets for two years.

The dogs were rescued on 7 July 2022 from the man’s Yangebup address, following a cruelty report from a concerned member of the public.

Suspecting an animal cruelty offence had occurred, an RSPCA WA inspector used bolt-cutters to enter the backyard through a locked gate. She found two female Staffy-cross dogs, later named Yana and Yoyo.

Yana was tied to a washing line on a chain that had tangled to less than one metre. She had no access to shelter or water and was underweight, with her hips and ribs visible. Yoyo was tied to a tree on a tangled lead with no shelter or water.

Both dogs were seized and taken to RSPCA WA in Malaga. Vets noted the dogs were extremely hungry and thirsty, and both were dehydrated.

Yana was also found to be underweight due to underfeeding. Since coming into care, she has gained 10kg and now weighs 26kg. Yoyo, who was in better condition on arrival, has gained 7kg and is a healthy 24kg. Both dogs remain in foster care.

RSPCA WA Inspector Manager Kylie Green said tethering was an extremely risky way to keep dogs contained.

‘I’m so glad we got to Yana and Yoyo in time,’ she said.

‘If this case had happened on a hot day, the outcome could very easily have turned tragic.

‘RSPCA WA has seen dogs die after being chained up in Perth backyards. It’s a horrific way for a pet to go.

‘I hope today’s sentence can serve as a warning to other pet owners. It’s your responsibility to provide animals with adequate shelter and water.

‘We’d advise against tethering your dog if possible. But if you have no other alternative, please use a proper tethering device that won’t tangle.’

The offender was sentenced under sections 19(1), 19(3)(b)(ii), 19(3)(d) and 19(3)(e) of the Animal Welfare Act 2002. The court found he restrained both dogs in a manner likely to cause harm and that he did not provide them with sufficient shelter, food, or water.

The offender has been ordered to pay $1066.30 in court and care costs to RSPCA WA. He has 14 days to rehome two puppies currently in his care.

Forfeiture of the dogs will be sought by RSPCA WA as part of a separate prosecution against the offender’s 33-year-old partner, who owns Yana and Yoyo. Report cruelty 24/7 on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 358) or at rspcawa.org.au