21 August 2023

RSPCA WA is calling for information after nine 2-day-old puppies were callously dumped in Bassendean.

The litter was found in long, wet grass near the corner of Lord Street and Guildford Road, behind the Station Street units.

The discovery was made by a member of the public around 6pm on Tuesday evening, 14 August. The man alerted a Town of Bassendean ranger who took the puppies to Perth Vet Emergency.

The Yokine clinic contacted RSPCA WA the next morning.

Sadly, one of the puppies had died but the remaining eight were transported to the RSPCA in Malaga where they were fully assessed before being placed with foster carers.

The RSPCA’s Inspector Peta Janssen said, despite exhaustive investigations, she hasn’t been able to identify the person responsible for the dumping.

‘There’s no recorded CCTV footage and door knocking has failed to turn up anyone who saw anything, or who even has knowledge of a pregnant dog in the area over the past weeks’, she said.

‘Town of Bassendean rangers have been really helpful but unfortunately, they’ve hit a brick wall too.

‘That’s why I’m reaching out to members of the public to see if anyone has seen or heard anything relevant. At this stage, we don’t even know if the puppies were born locally or if someone drove them to Bassendean. So, even if you know of a dog that was pregnant but there are no puppies around, please get in touch.’

Inspector Peta said her heart broke when she saw the tiny things, weighing just 500 grams each.

‘Imagine leaving nine tiny, defenceless puppies lying out in the open on cold, wet grass.

‘Why the person didn’t take them to a shelter such as RSPCA, or to a vet clinic is beyond me.’

Animal attendants at RSPCA WA said because the pups are so young, it’s hard to tell what breed they are but look like American Staffy X babies.

‘I’m concerned about mum too,’ Inspector Peta said.

‘The pups looked well fed so I’m guessing she would have had good milk flow and would have suffered physically and emotionally when they were taken away from her so suddenly.’

Anyone with information about the litter of dumped puppies is asked to contact the RSPCA WA 24-hour Cruelty Hotline on 1300 278 358 or online at rspcawa.org.au.