26 August 2022

Soft ears, waggy tails, and drooly pooch smooches–there are so many reasons to celebrate this International Dog Day.

During the pandemic, Aussies truly embraced man’s best friend, with over a million extra canine companions welcomed into our hearts and homes.

There has never been a better time to toast every happy hound, cuddly canine and perky pooch for the unconditional joy and love they bring into our lives.

Today we’ll also have our paws crossed for the thousands of homeless dogs across Australia who are waiting to be adopted.


  1. They provide endless entertainment: Watching your pooch play at the park or do zoomies around the house can deliver hours of enjoyment–no subscription required.
  2. They help us stress less: Research shows pet owners cope better with grief, stress and loss. Plus, teens with pets have a more positive outlook on life and report less boredom.
  3. They are great paw-sonal trainers: Dogs help us enjoy the outdoors while getting regular exercise. They never want to miss a training session no matter the weather.
  4. They can help us live longer: A doggy cuddle a day keeps the doctor away. Owning a pet can result in lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and fewer trips to the GP.
  5. They’re mutts about you: Step outside for five minutes and watch your dog act like you’ve been gone for a century–it will instantly boost your mood.  

RSPCA WA Shelter Manager Emily Smith encouraged people lucky enough to have a dog in their lives to spoil them today with extra play time, a cuddle, or a tasty treat.

‘The research backs up what we’ve long known to be true–life is so much better with a doggy pal,’ she said.

‘If you’ve been thinking about adding a pooch to your family, today could be the perfect day.

‘If you’re ready for a lifelong friend, please consider adopting one of the patient pups waiting for a second chance at RSPCA WA in Malaga.

‘Like Thor, who has spent a heartbreaking 150 days in care with us. He’s been overlooked too many times, so we’ve got everything crossed for this sensitive boy today.’

To view all animals currently available for adoption at RSPCA WA, visit adoptapet.com.au