18 January 2024

RSPCA WA is keen to learn more about West Australian pet owners in 2024 after the inaugural Pet Census last year revealed our state is full of certified pet lovers.

Spokesperson Louise Rowe said the animal welfare organisation already knew WA was full of animal loving people, but last year’s census shed light on so much more.

“We learned dogs were overwhelmingly the most common type of pet in WA, followed by cats, then fish, with some of the more unusual pets including stick insects, mini goats, axolotls, sea monkeys and spiders,” Lou said.

“The data proved we love to spoil our pets, with 70 per cent of owners admitting they celebrated their furry friend’s birthday and over half of respondents reporting that their pets were their ‘babies’.”

There were also some more sober revelations with around half of all pet owners who rent saying they had struggled to find pet-friendly housing.

The RSPCA is seeking fresh data this year with the launch of the short and easy 2024 questionnaire.

“While we do have a bit of fun with the answers, they also help inform our important work in the community and help us to advocate on issues like affordable pet-friendly housing.

“They also help us pinpoint where our outreach services are most needed.

“We have seen an increase in requests for surrender and anecdotally we are hearing more people are struggling to afford the basics such as vet care, grooming and even pet food.

"Sadly, our inspectors have dealt with cases recently where people haven’t reached out for help and their pets have suffered greatly as a result.

“This is an opportunity for us to gain further insight into the prevalence and impact of these issues.”

Among other things, RSPCA WA wants to know how many pets you have and how you spend your time with them.

What is your pet’s name? Do they go everywhere with you? How much do you spend on them every year?

Completing the census gives pet owners another great excuse to gush about their fur-babies while helping the RSPCA plan and advocate for a more pet friendly and pet safe WA in the future.

To complete the short 10-minute survey go to the RSPCA WA website. The survey will be open until Friday 16 February.