9 February 2024

We are pretty well-versed in how to show our special humans that we love them, but have you ever wondered how to show your pet just how much they mean to you? Us too!

If you are looking for ways to treat your pet this Valentine’s Day, we have listed our top five ideas that are sure to show them you love them as much as you do.

     1. Take your dog on a sniff-tastic walk.

To show your dog some Valentine’s Day love, take them on an enriching walk somewhere they can sniff to their heart’s desire. Sniffing is just as important as exercise for dogs and just 20 minutes of good sniffing is as enriching as an hour-long walk.

Don’t have time for a longer walk? Don’t worry! You can always do some scentwork by hiding treats around
the house and inside toys for your canine companion to sniff out.

     2. Make some special treats for your pal.

Why not say “I wuv you” by making something extra special for your pet? These watermelon mint dog popsicles are a refreshing treat perfect for summer and they’re easy to make!

Or try these carrot and catnip treats for your kitty cat. If you’re not a baker, make sure to pick up some of your companion’s favourite treats for the special day.

     3. Cuddle up for a paw-sitively romantic movie night.

After some dog-friendly movies to watch with your canine companion this Valentine’s Day? We recommend The Secret Life of Pets, 101 Dalmatians, or Beethoven.

If you’re a cat-lover, snuggle in for a night with your feline Valentine and some of those special treats to watch The Cat Returns by Studio Ghibli, or The Aristrocats.

     4. Enjoy some cat-friendly meow-sic together.

If your cat isn’t the cuddling type, watching a romcom together might not be their style this Valentine’s Day, but listening to some cat-friendly tunes just might work.

A University of Wisconsin study found that certain types of music can lower cats’ stress, such as David Teie’s Music for Cats, which was developed specifically for feline enjoyment and can be a great way to keep your cat happy while you are away at work.

     5. Enrich your relationship with your pet.

Dogs, cats and pocket pets – think rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice – all benefit from enrichment whether it be food-based, physical or mental.

It could be a new scratching post, a kibble puzzler, some fresh fruit or more pipes to tunnel through. These fresh enrichment activities will have your pet feeling loved up and secure.