5 January 2024

The rescue of a kitten with a badly injured leg has prompted RSPCA WA to issue a plea to cat owners to sterilise their pets.

The 12-week-old black and white kitten was found trapped between a fence and a garage in Langford on Thursday.

He was discovered by property owners who called RSPCA WA thinking he had died, but then called back 10 minutes later saying he was alive.

Shelter staff have named him Zombie as a result.

RSPCA WA Shelter Co-ordinator Richelle Beswick said when cat breeding spikes in the warmer months – known as kitten season – it is shelters and rescue groups who are left to pick up the pieces.

“Unfortunately, Zombie’s story is not unique. Every year we treat kittens who have been injured or dumped,” she said.

“We’ve had 129 cats and kittens come into care since 1 November. 

“Please, if you are the owner of an unsterilised cat, talk to your vet about desexing as soon as possible, and contain your cat to your property.

“Cats can start breeding from as young as 16 weeks, and they get pregnant easily.

“With so many owned and unowned fertile cats roaming in the community, the result is an influx of unwanted kittens, which in turn puts a strain on animal rescue groups.

“Thankfully, a pair of neighbours found and rescued Zombie so we can fix his broken leg and hopefully find him a loving home.”

Richelle said sterilising cats had benefits beyond just unwanted litters – they are also less likely to get mammary cancer and uterine infections.

“Keeping cats contained to your property also helps protect wildlife and keeps your cat safe from cars and other hazards.”

WA law requires all domestic cats six months and older to be sterilised and microchipped.