1 July 2014

As you may have seen in the news, RSPCA WA has had an unprecedented number of prosecutions in June with eight successful convictions for animal cruelty.

It is thanks to our supporters that this month we have seen some justice for the animals.Public reaction reflected the great disappointment and frustration we also felt that, of the eight prosecution cases this month, seven of those were due to cases of severe and horrific neglect. Situations where, had the animal been taken to a vet, cruelty could have been avoided. Sadly these animals had suffered terribly from conditions that were totally preventable had the owners taken reasonable care of their animals or sought help.

We are very encouraged by YOU, the animal loving members of the public who care enough to stand up and report these crimes against animals. Without caring people like you making the call to report cruelty this will continue to go on behind closed doors.

It's important to note that RSPCA sees prosecution as a last resort. RSPCA Inspectors work tirelessly to educate owners about the responsibilities of animal ownership and the needs of all creatures great and small. In the last year alone our cruelty hotline has received over 20,000 calls and RSPCA WA Inspectors have investigated more than 6,000 incidents.

As a charity, this is a huge responsibility and we can only continue to do our work with your ongoing financial support and the support of the community.

Many people have written to the RSPCA regarding the recent cases of neglect and deliberate cruelty, particularly on the topic of pushing for harsher penalties... While RSPCA works hard in conducting investigations into animal cruelty, it is the courts who are responsible for determining the penalties.

We wish to remember this month as "Justice in June", in recognition of those animals, Milly, Stella, Herpes, Roxy, Caesar, Target, Snoopy and the many dogs from the puppy farm. To read their stories please click on their images below.

Thank you again. Together we can bring justice for the animals that need us.

Lynne Bradshaw
RSPCA President

If you feel strongly about preventing cruelty to animals, please, be a voice for animals in the community; Encourage people you know to speak up for animals, raise awareness by sharing stories on Facebook, always report animal cruelty and whenever you can, please support your RSPCA.

To find out more on becoming an Animal Ambassador by making a monthly gift from your credit card click here.

Justice for June 2014