5 March 2024


RSPCA WA is seeking information after two stray kittens appear to have been deliberately shot in the head with homemade darts outside a Bunbury pub.

RSPCA WA received a cruelty report for the first kitten, seen walking around the Wellington Hotel on Victoria St, which appeared to have been shot with one of the homemade darts about a week ago.

The kitten was captured by City of Bunbury rangers and unfortunately had to be euthanised as the entry wound where the dart was still sticking out of had become infected.

A member of the public has reported a second kitten seen in the same condition near the hotel.

The darts appear to have been fashioned out of approximately 30cm long bicycle spokes with a sharp point taped to the end and a pink paper cone at the other end.

RSPCA WA South West Inspector Genna Haines said it is clear someone has gone to some effort to intentionally harm the kittens.

“Someone has gone out of their way to make these darts which is concerning, and it is likely they were shot at a close range,” she said.

“It’s appalling to think the perpetrator is leaving the injured kittens to walk around for days with large bicycle spokes sticking out of their heads.

“We are seeking any information about this situation and who is responsible for these cruel acts.”

Ms Haines said no matter how frustrated someone may feel about stray cats living in their area it is never okay to deliberately hurt an animal.

“Please contact your local rangers if there are stray cats in your area. Harming or killing them is an offence that attracts a maximum penalty of a $50,000 fine and five years in prison,” she said.

This case is the latest in a string in deliberate cat-related cruelty seen by RSPCA WA recently.

In January, A 38-year-old Perth man was fined $2000 after being caught on CCTV throwing a cat several metres through the air.

Last November, two cats were found in the Wheatbelt with severe burns, thought to have been caused by scalding liquid.

In October, a cat was shot twice and left for dead in the Perth suburb of Huntingdale, and in August, beloved family pet Tiger Tim was tied to a brick and thrown into the river at Bayswater to drown.

Anyone with information about how either or both kittens in Bunbury were injured is asked to contact the RSPCA WA 24-hour Cruelty Hotline on 1300 278 358 or online at rspcawa.org.au. Quote job number 192262.