5 February 2014

A Willagee man was today fined $2000 for animal cruelty for not taking his dog to a vet after it was hit by a car.

Tennessee Knapp was the person in charge of a tan Staffordshire type female dog, named 'Tiny', which was hit by a motor vehicle and sustained injuries in January 2013. Police attended Mr Knapp's property on 15 January 2013 and observed a dog lying on the grass beside the driveway near the road.

The dog was unable to stand or walk and appeared to be in pain. Police questioned Mr Knapp about the dog but Knapp Tiny not taken to vet after hit by car 2014gave no indication that he would take the dog to a vet.

Concerned for the dog's welfare, police then contacted the RSPCA who attended the property. Upon arrival Inspectors noticed the dog had been moved to the back yard. Her hind quarters had been covered by a blue tarp weighed down with bricks.

RSPCA Inspectors noticed the dog had open wounds on her rear legs, was unable to walk and had no access to water. Inspectors seized the dog under the Animal Welfare Act.

The dog was examined by an RSPCA veterinarian and was immediately given pain relief and placed on intravenous fluids.

On further examination it was noted the dog was unable to bear weight on either hind limb, had a swollen hip and skin wounds on the left thigh. Radiographs showed fractures in both hind limbs which required immediate extensive surgery.

Physiotherapy and structured rehabilitation followed for several months.

It was the opinion of the veterinarian that Tiny would have experienced severe pain and discomfort and veterinary treatment should have been sought immediately after Tiny was hit by the car.

Mr Knapp was also ordered to pay more than $4800 in veterinary and court costs.

Tiny subsequently made a full recovery and was later rehomed to a loving family.