15 January 2014

Bevan Martin's Bayswater property was visited by RSPCA Inspectors on 2 October 2012 in response to a cruelty complaint received by the RSPCA.

Upon attending the property, RSPCA inspectors jumped the fence and entered the yard and observed a nine and a half year old Kelpie cross dog that was collapsed and gasping for breath.

RSPCA Inspectors also noted a large wound on the dog's back leg which appeared to be infected with a strong odour emanating from it. The dog's body was limp and its head was covered in flies. The dog was also in poor body condition.

The inspectors immediately picked up the dog and rushed him to their vehicle. Very sadly the dog died in the inspector's arms before getting to the vehicle.

The dog was taken to Murdoch University for a post mortem examination.

The post mortem report confirmed that the dog had a large infected ulcerated wound extending from above the stifle to the foot. The dog also had chronic diabetes mellitus with acute ketoacidosis, liver disease, bilateral cataracts, due to diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

It was the opinion of the pathologist that the dog suffered harm, pain and distress due to Mr Martin failing to take the dog to a vet.

"If the he had received the appropriate veterinary attention and treatment required for the wound and diabetes, Dino would have still been alive today," RSPCA Chief Inspector Amanda Swift said.